Residential Property Market Outlook 2022

The Government has introduced new cooling measures on 15 Dec 2021. Here are the prediction of the Property Market Outlook in 2022.

Source: HDB

Increase in HDB flat supply to moderate and achieve a sustainable growth for the HDB resale price increase.

Source: MND

GLS confirmed list increase in confirmed list residential units by 40% to address dwindling stock of new homes especially in Mass Market, OCR and City Fringe, RCR regions.

Outlook predictions on home prices: Muted organic growth in 2022

Private residential home prices expected to grow 3 5% in 2022
HDB Resale home prices expected to grow by 6 8% in 2022


Outlook predictions on Sales Volume: Moderated Sales in 2022


Projected HDB Resale volume for 2022 will remain unchanged at 30,000 units


Projected Private Resale volume for 2022 will drop by 20 25% to 14,000 16,000 units


Projected Private new sale volume for 2022 will drop by 20 25% to 9,000 10,000 units

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