3 Golden Opportunities That HDB Upgraders Should Not Miss in 2022

HDB Prices Have Rebounded and Reached New Peak

What should you do? Is this a Window of Opportunity for you?

The HDB market has rebounded and exceeded last peak, now is at 150.6 compared to the previous peak of 149.6 after 6 years of declined since 2013 Q1. As HDB owners, what action should you take advantage of? Continue to read as I will share with you why those HDB owners who sold their flat in 2012-2013 period made huge profit by upgrading to Executive Condo (EC) and Private Residential Property. They have earned profits of easily $200,000 to even $700,000 after a few years.
For those who held on to their HDB units and not sell it since year 2013, their property has depreciated. It was only until recently prices have recovered after 8 years.

Source: HDB. property-investment-matters-hdb-resale-price-index-3q-2021

One of my clients who were staying in SengKang who was not sure whether should they upgrade to EC or Condo or stay put. Are you in the similar situation? Let me share with you the table below to see the SengKang HDB price trends from 2012 to 2021. You will notice that for owners who sold their property in 2012 and switched to upgrade and buy an EC at The Topiary, made profits as high as $760K and on average, about $400K to $500K. These owners exited at the Right Time and eventually managed to make money from HDB and subsequently another time in EC too. This time round, the HDB market has illustrated that it has returned to its new peak, should you take advantage of the situation, or you are going to wait further for another cycle?

Source: Edgeprop. property-investment-matters-sengkang-hdb-prices-rebounded

The above’s example shows clearly that HDB prices in the year 2012 went up as high as $638K, before eventually dropping in 2017 till about $568K. This is easily more than a $70K drop, but today’s prices have improved and are crossed the $700K mark. What will you do? Do you want to wait further? Will government allow the HDB market prices to continue increasing? Our government in 2013 introduce a cooling measure called the Mortgage Servicing Ration (MSR). The objective was to cool down the HDB prices as it went up too fast.
The follow transaction below shows the example of The Topiary in SengKang. Owners who upgrade to an EC made very good profit margin as compared to keeping their HDB units in 2012.

Source: Edgeprop. property-investment-matters-sengkang-topiary-ec-launch

For the HDB owners at SengKang or Punggol, they can also upgrade to a private property new launch at The Riversail, owners are making very good profit of easily $300K- $590K.

Source: Edgeprop. property-investment-matters-sengkang-riversail

Lastly, why am I sharing these ideas with you, mainly I see this as an opportunity now for many existing HDB owners in different estates to look deeper at their current property. To me this is a Window of Opportunity for you. This pandemic has taught all of us an important lesson. We must always have more savings in our bank account as we do not know when there will be another crisis. Can you imagine if you are one of the EC or private property owners like the above upgraders I shared earlier? They will have excess savings in their pocket, which can safeguard their family in any crisis.

Are you keen to find out the following?

  1. What is my current property market price? What is my expected selling price?
  2. Should we upgrade to an EC or PTE?
  3. If I am buying a property, then where am I going to stay?
  4. Do I have enough spare funds after the purchase?
  5. Work out your installment plan and how long your reserve fund can last.

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